Listening interrupted

I’ve loved the band Erasure ever since I was about 17, I have a LOT of Erasure music. I own a copy of every album, along with a great many CD singles and remix singles, also some vinyl and a large number of remixes acquired at the time of the almighty Napster.

I’ve only ever seen them live a small number of times, mainly due to money, opportunity and also some level of anxiety, but I loved the times I was able to see them. 
Yesterday I had a song in my head and I sat down with my earphones to listen, and with impeccable timing they were only working on the one side, moment ruined. Later my husband remembered seeing a radio shack in a nearby shopping centre and suggested that we go there the following day. 

I’m now back up and running, after slightly cursing the lack of an audio jack in my phone. Everything seems to run in phases with me.