When I started dipping my toe into the world of bdsm I only really had the support of a couple of close friends, completely well meaning, but not always entirely understanding the emotions and motivations at work. 

Sir was concerned that I had proper support and I think that I’ve been building a good support network, both amongst existing friends and acquaintances, and amongst new people who I would now class as friends. It’s funny sometimes how people can enter your life and quickly become very influential and important. 

Sir Himself is a great source of stability, even if I sometimes need reassurance. 


I was very happy to be invited to stay with friends over the weekend, I got a train on Friday evening to Chester where I got picked up. 

On the Friday night we had a drink and played cards against humanity, some really cruel howlers were the order of the day. 

On the Saturday we went for a walk in the sunshine and had lunch up a hill, followed by ice creams in Mold. In the afternoon we went to Manchester for a comedy gig and then the leather social. 

This was my second leather social and I felt very much more liberated, walking down Canal Street in leathers without a worry in my mind, and I enjoyed chatting to far more people than I had before. I’m definitely going back very soon.