It was pride at the weekend here, I hadn’t attended for a long time, although I did stand under an awning in the rain to watch the parade last year. This year I was going to try to exceed that a little.

Friday night I went into town and to a couple of bars with a friend and my husband, dressed in leather, although with normal jeans instead of leather jeans. Had a great time, had a few drinks.

Saturday I wore the same, but got to watch the parade in sunshine this year, then went to my favourite restaurant for lunch and then to a bar again until it just got far too busy.

It’s been a fun weekend, I even got chatting to a nice bearded cub.


There’s a guy in Spain who regularly broadcasts live online, usually dressed in either leather or sportswear, smoking, and often late at night, it’s not a sexual thing other than being fetish.

I occasionally watch and chat with him and others, tonight was one of those nights, the conversation was about Masters and submissives, and it once again showed that there are some guys out there who really get it, they’re not out to just use and abuse, they know it’s a mutual thing with limits on both sides.

As always, we’re all so far away from each other, but I can imagine that being in their company would be a good thing.


First weekend away completely on my own for quite a while.

I went to Manchester, got into leathers and braved the broad daylight on my own, seize the day etc.

Met a couple of guys I knew on the way to a bar in the village for a drink and then afterwards I went to a kink workshop, this one focused on ‘introduction to rope’. Quite a sizeable and welcoming attendance, and I did not for one single moment think I would end up being hogtied by a vicar. Claim to fame? My parents would be suitably horrified.

After the workshop I went to the leather social and had a great time, then tagged along to a couple of other bars.

I was back in my hotel at 01:30 and catching up with the day online before bed, I spoke to a guy I liked and followed on Instagram who was in Manchester with friends and half an hour later he was there with me …