First weekend away completely on my own for quite a while.

I went to Manchester, got into leathers and braved the broad daylight on my own, seize the day etc.

Met a couple of guys I knew on the way to a bar in the village for a drink and then afterwards I went to a kink workshop, this one focused on ‘introduction to rope’. Quite a sizeable and welcoming attendance, and I did not for one single moment think I would end up being hogtied by a vicar. Claim to fame? My parents would be suitably horrified.

After the workshop I went to the leather social and had a great time, then tagged along to a couple of other bars.

I was back in my hotel at 01:30 and catching up with the day online before bed, I spoke to a guy I liked and followed on Instagram who was in Manchester with friends and half an hour later he was there with me …

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