Sometimes I feel a bit aimless, but that’s now three visits to Berlin where I feel like I’ve had my mind totally blown.

On Friday night I met up with the Master I have met twice before and it was as great as ever, I thought at the time that that would be the highlight of my weekend, but although it was really special there was more to come.

I have been speaking with a Berlin Dom online for a while and we had arranged to meet up and have a drink, see what happens. I met him near to Nollendorfplatz at 11pm and from that moment the conversation just flowed very easily, he was in full leathers, so was I. We went to nearby Mutschmanns where we had a drink and then he showed me around. After talking some more we moved on to New Action where again we had a drink and he showed me around.

He got me to sit, then he sat up behind me with his legs wrapped tightly around me, leaned over and said, boy you are in one of the hardest clubs in Berlin in full leathers under a spotlight and everyone can see you. There was so much kissing, I took his breath and then beer and saliva from his mouth, he licked the sweat from my face.

He asked me to go and get us beers and when I returned he was talking to a man from the south of England who he knew, before long all three of us were kissing, two at a time, three at a time, there was also a bit of nipple licking, although he remained very much in charge.

After a while we were alone again and returned to talking, drinking, kissing, intense eye contact, by 3am I was overwhelmed, my cap dripping with his spit and then his cum, he got me to take off my jacket and tie to cool down and got me water. At 3.30am we were saying goodbye, with plans to meet again at Easter. He checked that I got back to the hotel safely and that everything was okay in the morning.


It’s very probably time to move on.

I’ve made an approach to Sir to formally draw things to a close, things have changed, too complex and private to really detail here. I could analyse it, but ultimately I’m very grateful for all the things he has shown me, things I quite simply couldn’t have imagined, and he’s influenced and helped to shape my views about so much. He has actually changed my life and I’ll never forget that.

2018 has been a bit varied so far, ups and downs, January is indeed the longest month.

I’ve had my nipples and septum pierced, nipples healing fine, septum will take a while yet. Not quite sure how to explain that on Mother’s Day.

Went to the inaugural night of Scotbound in Glasgow, I knew most people there and had a little fun, well what I actually had was bruises for a week, but no real complaints. I’d certainly go again, however the next events planned will clash with my already booked visits to Manchester.

I had planned to go to the leather social in Manchester on the 3rd February but had to cancel due to illness, I’ve been unwell off and on for three weeks, although I have recovered now.