Today was pride in Glasgow, and I’ve had such a great day, home now and happy.

Left home in leathers and boots this morning, with my husband to meet my best friend in the City Centre for coffee, another good friend had decided to come north in leathers for the day, much appreciated company.

We all arrived at the same time and had coffee, then we went to stand at the Gallery of Modern Art to watch the pride march itself. The march was huge, it took over an hour to pass by, and the atmosphere was really great. Met a few friends who were taking part in the march itself, and for the first time there were a couple of leathermen in the march itself, rather than on the sidelines.

We went for lunch in my favourite Italian restaurant, with our favourite waiters, and then afterwards went for drinks around the gay bars, ending the day at an outside table in perfect weather.

In the evening I had a really nice talk with a Dom who is important to me, which I enjoyed very much.

Just ending the day with tea, toast and Family Guy. Need to do all this again.