Corona life

Not sure I’m really coping at all well with the lockdown, my husband and I have been living in each other’s pockets for months now as he has been unwell and always at home. There had been a bit of respite occasionally though, and I was still attending the leather social etc. in Manchester.

Now I’ve been at home for three weeks, there’s no privacy, only work is really giving me any structure, outside of work I’m 50:50 apathy:horny, and the ratio is definitely lurching towards apathy.

I know he’s bored too, I know I’m lucky that he’s keeping on top of things like grocery deliveries and that we both still have a wage coming in. I was really overdoing work for the first week, but I have reined that in, there’s no way I could continue.

Horny I’ll just need to learn to live with, we need to stay home as we are both at increased risk from the coronavirus, let alone passing it on to each other. Apathy is harder to deal with, I’ve very little get up and go right now, sleep often becoming preferable. The only times I have been outside is in the back garden when the cats are out.

I’ve managed to keep in contact with some friends and others have been in fairly regular contact with me. I know that many of us are suffering. Some dear friends have already gone through some terrible things and I’ve hidden how I’m dealing with everything.

I shall need to try to be robust.

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